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24 October 2023

Transforming CPG: How can a supply chain strategy generate opportunities for growth?

The latest Transforming CPG podcast by Sevendots: The latest Transforming CPG podcast by Sevendots: Supply chain strategy and how opportunities in value chain management can generate new growth and opportunities for your business.

04 October 2023

Our September Roundup: Shrinkflation warnings, Gen Z trend reporting and a new plant-based collaboration

In this month's roundup, we explore Carrefour's plant-based venture with major food companies and new Shrinkflation labelling, a ban on unsubstantiated environmental claims in the EU, changing UK shopper habits, and new reporting on Gen Z trends.

19 September 2023

Transforming CPG: Special Episode! Gen Z vs Millennial Marketing

The latest Transforming CPG podcast by Sevendots: A special episode on Gen Z vs Millennial marketing

05 September 2023

Our July & August Roundup: Colachup, the Agtech Revolution, and examining the future of plant-based alternatives

In this month's roundup, we explore PepsiCo's unusual blend of Pepsi and ketchup, collaboration and innovation in agriculture, and the future of plant-based

15 August 2023

Supply Chain Innovation: The Future is Now

Supply chain innovation has never been more important to businesses. How can your business navigate the complexity of emerging technologies? What avenues might augment your supply chain strategy? Prateek Jain unpacks several interesting technologies that may help impact both your bottom line and consumer experience.

Prateek Jain

Sevendots, Singapore

29 June 2023

A 5-Dimensional Framework to Drive Exponential Returns for CPG companies in Asia

How can companies drive growth in Asia? Introducing our Growth from Within thinking.

Sam Bedi

Sevendots, Singapore

27 June 2023

Our June Roundup: Chinese consumer boycotts, a new Netflix restaurant and robot chefs

In this month's roundup, we explore Chinese consumer boycotts, bolstering food security, the new Netflix restaurant and robot chefs.