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, 15 December 2021

Video: Big vs. Small brands with Colin McAllister

Sevendots' latest Growth Series report explores the dynamics of Big vs. Small brands. Unpacking the consumer trend towards smaller brands, we offer actionable suggestions to manage a recovery as a bigger brand. In this video, Sevendots Partner Colin McAllister introduces some of dynamics we uncovered and the four key areas big brands need to manage in order to ensure that big can be beautiful again.

Colin McAllister

Sevendots, Milan

, 14 December 2021

Interview with Sevendots Partner Miriam Mostarda: Our Growth Series report on Big vs. Small brands

Introducing the latest Growth Series volume, on the dynamics of Big vs. Small brands, and the value this will bring to brand owners.

Miriam Mostarda

Sevendots, London

Christina Carè

Sevendots, London

02 December 2021

Our November roundup: Unilever’s regenerative projects, Nestle’s e-commerce push, and the future of fighting mold

Our November roundup includes Unilever's regenerative projects, Nestle's e-commerce push, the next generation of sugar alternatives, JBS' investment into a cultivated meat company and the future of fighting mold.

Christina Carè

Sevendots, London

, 29 October 2021

Our October Roundup: The latest in CPG industry news

If you're curious about the latest in CPG-related news, we have you covered. Discover what you might have missed in the month of October.

Christina Carè

Sevendots, London

22 October 2021

What do consumers want from Alternative Proteins?

The demand for protein from wealthy nations across the world is enormous – and growing. Whether we like it or not, we will require alternatives. 

Andrea Bielli

Sevendots, Rome

01 August 2019

Brands are taking Purpose one step further

The importance of Brand and Corporate Purpose has grown Companies have been working on eliciting credible and relevant purposes that would allow consumers to relate to their brands on a more meaningful level.

Miriam Mostarda

Sevendots, London

21 March 2018

Brand Penetration: Why Winning Brands Are About Winning The Popularity Contest

Note: This is from our old blog and is no longer being updated. It was originally published in 2018. For... View Article