05 December 2022

Introducing Transforming CPG: The new podcast brought to you by Sevendots

Introducing the new CPG podcast: Transforming CPG by Sevendots.

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We’re delighted to share with you the new podcast Transforming CPG from Sevendots. In this series, our global experts have conversations around key themes that will impact the future transformation of the CPG industry. Made by and for industry leaders, this is just one of the ways we hope to engage with CPG brands to help them navigate change.

The podcast series will cover more relevant hot topics for the CPG industry such as the post-pandemic recovery, pricing, sustainability, and the role of CPG companies in helping create a better world. We are passionate about consumer products and look forward to sharing our passion with you.

In this first episode of Transforming CPG, we examine the future of value generation in the CPG industry

Take a listen to our take on this important topic within the consumer packaged goods industry here:

Sevendots Partners Stephen Factor and Andrea Bielli discuss three new forms of economic activity that can help industry players ensure future economic growth:

  1. The Prevention Economy
  2. The Regenerative Economy
  3. Social Contribution Economy

Discover more:

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