"Sevendots helped us to elicit a powerful purpose for Heineken brand globally... We very much appreciated their way of working with us, embedding in the journey our whole team, including external partners. We ended up with a clear purpose endorsed by top executives."

- Bram Westenbrink, Global Senior Director at Heineken

"I’ve found Sevendots to be visionary, inspiring and practical; they are great at distilling wide and complex information and insights, building actionable frameworks and developing strong opportunities that are helping us shape our future strategy."

- Dan Smith, Senior Vice President at Nestle Purina PetCare GSBU

“The Sevendots team led us on a truly collaborative journey of discovery. They gave us a clear framework to understand what was required to win within this new wellness territory we’ve called 'Modern Natural Health'. They challenged some of our assumptions, encouraged us to think even bigger and brought our entire team together around a common ambition and platform.”

- Larry Page, Head of Marketing at Zarbees® at Johnson & Johnson

"We have had the opportunity to work with the Sevendots team on an extremely strategic project related to Global Travel Retail. They have given us both valuable insights and tools to further accelerate our strategy. We particularly appreciate their ability to bring to life the strategic thinking with simple yet effective frameworks that helped inspire the organisation."

- Leigh Irvine and Biancamaria Sansone, GTR Managing Director & Marketing Director, Campari Group

Our Perspectives

With experience comes perspective. Hear what we have to say.

24 June 2024

Premiumization vs. Commoditization: Unpacking the Premiumization Trend

In today’s consumer market, brands face a crucial decision between two opposing strategies: premiumization and commoditization. Understanding these dynamics is essential for brands to navigate the competitive landscape effectively. This article delves into the cyclical nature of commoditization, the virtuous cycle of premiumization, and offers strategic frameworks to help brands leverage premiumization to create strong consumer connections and sustain growth.

Andrea Bielli

Sevendots, Rome

11 June 2024

Transforming CPG: What’s impacting CPG growth in Latin America?

In this episode of Transforming CPG, Managing Partner of Sevendots, Andrea Bielli and regional expert Jorge Ramos Santoyo discuss what you need to know about the growth of CPG in Latin America.

10 June 2024

Ultra-processed food: What’s the debate and risks to health? 

Global consumption of UPFs is expanding and with it the debate around the health implications of consumption. CPG companies should be aware of these key elements under discussion, to respond best to the uncertainty on the topic of UPFs.

Colin McAllister

Sevendots, Milan

28 May 2024

E-commerce strategies for CPG growth with inspiration from Asia

E-commerce growth within the CPG industry presents a huge opportunity to brands. However, it comes with distinct challenges. Sam Bedi unpacks the opportunities, taking inspiration from Asia.

Sam Bedi

Sevendots, Singapore

29 April 2024

Boosting CPG performance by linking portfolio management to growth strategies: Advice for decision makers

Without a clear strategic roadmap for your portfolio management, growth can stall. Sevendots presents advice for decision makers to better leverage growth strategies in the CPG industry.

Andrea Bielli

Sevendots, Rome

, 21 March 2024

Innovation drives growth. How can CPG ensure investment pays back?

Innovation is seriously under-leveraged in the CPG industry compared to other industries. The question is: Why? And what will it take for CPGs to catch up and ensure that any investment is paid back? This article provides key steps for leveraging innovation more effectively.

Andrea Bielli

Sevendots, Rome

05 March 2024

Transforming CPG: How can CPGs leverage the real power of innovation?

In this episode of Transforming CPG, Stephen Factor and Andrea Bielli discuss the under utilised opportunities that come from innovation. Why is the CPG industry lagging behind on innovation and how can more disruptive innovation pay back a good return on investment? We break it all down into actionable, cohesive and strategic advice.

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Prateek is deeply passionate about sustainability, building brands, supply chain transformation and business turnaround which reflects his dedication to achieving operational excellence.
Beyond his professional endeavours, Prateek is also a certified fitness instructor, and occasionally dedicates his time to training others. Furthermore, he enjoys playing the Mohan Veena in his leisure time.

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