"Sevendots helped us to elicit a powerful purpose for Heineken brand globally... We very much appreciated their way of working with us, embedding in the journey our whole team, including external partners. We ended up with a clear purpose endorsed by top executives."

- Bram Westenbrink, Global Senior Director at Heineken

"I’ve found Sevendots to be visionary, inspiring and practical; they are great at distilling wide and complex information and insights, building actionable frameworks and developing strong opportunities that are helping us shape our future strategy."

- Dan Smith, Senior Vice President at Nestle Purina PetCare GSBU

“The Sevendots team led us on a truly collaborative journey of discovery. They gave us a clear framework to understand what was required to win within this new wellness territory we’ve called 'Modern Natural Health'. They challenged some of our assumptions, encouraged us to think even bigger and brought our entire team together around a common ambition and platform.”

- Larry Page, Head of Marketing at Zarbees® at Johnson & Johnson

"We have had the opportunity to work with the Sevendots team on an extremely strategic project related to Global Travel Retail. They have given us both valuable insights and tools to further accelerate our strategy. We particularly appreciate their ability to bring to life the strategic thinking with simple yet effective frameworks that helped inspire the organisation."

- Leigh Irvine and Biancamaria Sansone, GTR Managing Director & Marketing Director, Campari Group

Our Perspectives

With experience comes perspective. Hear what we have to say.

, 23 January 2024

Transforming CPG: What’s the future of Alternative Proteins?

In this episode of Transforming CPG, Stephen Factor and Eugenio Perrier discuss the current landscape in the Alternative Proteins market. They then unpack the challenges the market faces, and what the future might look like (and require) for brands to succeed.

12 December 2023

Transforming CPG: How can CPG companies win in the kitchen?

The latest Transforming CPG podcast by Sevendots: How CPG brands can leverage changing attitudes in the home meal space and win big in the kitchen.

11 December 2023

Gen Z is Losing Steam: How can CPG brands respond to the changing attitudes of Gen Zers?

Crisis fatigue is changing how Gen Z operates in the world. In this piece, the Red Flower Factory unpacks how CPG brands can better address the decline in optimism amongst Gen Zers.

06 December 2023

How Supply Chains Can Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

Amid the daunting challenges posed by climate change, CPG supply chains confront a pivotal question: Can they weather the adaptations required for a rapidly changing world? The stakes are immense, extending far beyond the environmental sphere, as climate change threatens the very fabric of the global economy. Prateek Jain breaks down the possibilities for a sustainable supply chain that addresses risks and protects the value chain down the lines.

Prateek Jain

Sevendots, Singapore

05 December 2023

Our November Roundup: greedflation, a free non-exclusive license from Unilever and the end of categories.

In this roundup, we discuss the end of categories, the possible impacts of Unilever's free non-exclusive license for 12 of its reformulation patents, Hotel Chocolat's new bar with 100% of sales to growers, and 'greedflation'.

21 November 2023

Transforming CPG: What are the opportunities for CPG growth in Asia?

The latest Transforming CPG podcast by Sevendots: The big opportunities for growth across Asia and our framework for success.

31 October 2023

Our October Roundup: Alt protein price parity, eco-labels, and the sale of Dollar Shave Club

In this roundup, we cover the sale of Dollar Shave Club and its impact on the DTC landscape, the impacts of climate change on beer taste and price, a failed rebrand, and changes to sustainability labelling.

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Mauro brings the perspective of three professional lives: Corporate C-suite, entrepreneur and consultant & advisor. He spent more than 25 years leading global teams in the home appliance business covering all the functions connected to the product and service dimension: strategy, business development, strategic marketing, innovation, research and development, quality, production, customer service. Mauro is an expert in the creation of ecosystem of partnership and open collaboration. He has created four start-ups in the area of the food transformation, food innovation, food retail and carbon accounting with two exit. Consultant & advisor in the area of alternative proteins, artificial intelligence, outdoor and indoor top brand furnitures with green and sustainability declination.

Visionary and acute, with “let’s do it” and “less is more” attitude, Mauro is in love with innovation and in particular new trends, new business models and exponential technologies. Beyond the passion of travels, Mauro loves the macroeconomics and geopolitical topics. An hungry reader, but just in English language.

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