Value Chain • 20 February 2024

Value Chain

Sevendots can help transform your Value Chain by fusing innovative thinking with practical execution. Boost stakeholder value by maximising your value chain.

Sevendots blends strategic insight with operational expertise – a double win for you and your brand.


What are the challenges of optimizing your Value Chain?

A fast-changing tech landscape


Logistic robots are estimated to be worth 21 billion by 2029. Meanwhile, Autonomous Vehicles will help optimize transportation and logistics, by improving safety, efficiency and sustainability of moving people and goods. Lastly, 3D printing can enable real-time and on-demand production, as well as greater customization or products and parts, reducing waste and the need for inventory and transportation.


Demands of climate change-driven sustainability efforts

Transition risks refer to the changes in regulations, technologies and consumer preferences aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the impact of global warming. Physical risks, on the other hand, will include floods, wildfires, droughts, storms and other events that damage or interrupt infrastructure, transportation and reduce productivity.



Value Chain optimization services tailored exclusively to CPG companies

Listen to Transforming CPG:How can a supply chain strategy generate opportunities for growth?

In this episode of Transforming CPG, Stephen Factor and Massimo Visconti discuss supply chain strategy, and how opportunities in value chain management can generate new growth and opportunities for your business.

Stephen and Massimo discuss…

  • A growing awareness of supply chain challenges worldwide
  • The changing relationship between consumers and CPG companies that can be managed with a supply chain strategy
  • Ensuring a robust supply chain infrastructure post-pandemic and into the future
  • How technology will impact value chain management

…and more.

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