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Winning in the Kitchen

The home meal space is a vast market with strong growth potential for the consumer packaged goods industry. As consumer demand becomes increasingly complex, how can different segments work together to provide higher level solutions to consumers?

What is changing in the home meals space?

There are a series of larger trends that are influencing the way we make and consume meals at home today. these include:

  1. Changing demographics;
  2. Changes in the way we work, and;
  3. Wider economic changes.

From growing numbers of people living alone, through to the vast increase in remote working, our lives at home have changed significantly in recent years and this has impacted the way we approach the creation and consumption of meals. Let’s explore this in a bit more detail.



What elements are impacting the meals at home dynamics?

External influencing trends

  • More time spent at home
  • An evolving economy
  • Increased sustainability pressure on brands

Evolving consumer needs and expectations

Consumers are looking for a balance between:

  • Pleasure
  • Healthiness
  • Convenience
  • Sustainability

Proliferating options

There are now lots of different ways to address consumer needs including via:

  • Packaged foods
  • Meal kits
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Ready meals
  • Meal delivery

What are the evolving consumer needs from home meals today?

What are the opportunities for industries to work together and win in the kitchen?

Looking at how different consumer needs (convenience, pleasure, healthiness, and sustainability) link with the existing offer segments (packaged goods, meal kits, kitchen appliances, ready meals, and meals delivery) provides a framework outlining potential opportunities.

We’ve got ideas for maximising those opportunities. Discover how we can help you grow profitability through our perspectives below.

Listen to Transforming CPG: How can CPG companies win in the kitchen?

Sevendots Partners Stephen Factor and Andrea Bielli discuss the opportunities for CPG industry to respond to the changing dynamics in consumer attitudes to health, convenience and cooking. Including….

    • The changing demographics and dimensions coming from consumers as regards their home meals, addressing the complex and shifting nature of expectations

    • The limitations and obstacles that manufacturers must cope with

    • How CPG companies should leverage a wider ecosystem and collaborative approach to generate new opportunities that address consumer desires and needs

    • The future of the home meals space and potential evolutions in the offering

…and much more.

Winning in the Kitchen: Addressing evolving consumer needs for at home meal consumption

The home meal space is a vast market with strong growth potential for the CPG industry. We believe collaboration between players offers opportunities for higher level solutions for consumers, better addressing emerging needs. Read on to discover the state of play, and our suggested framework for development.

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