05 March 2024

Transforming CPG: How can CPGs leverage the real power of innovation?

In this episode of Transforming CPG, Stephen Factor and Andrea Bielli discuss the under utilised opportunities that come from innovation. Why is the CPG industry lagging behind on innovation and how can more disruptive innovation pay back a good return on investment? We break it all down into actionable, cohesive and strategic advice.

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In this episode of Transforming CPG, Stephen Factor and Managing Partner of Sevendots, Andrea Bielli, discuss the latest research on innovation in the CPG industry. Featuring insights from our latest Growth Series report which distills insights from over 100 global brand owners, this report is all about tapping into the underestimated power of innovation to drive business growth.

Stephen and Andrea cover…

  • The key insights and takeaways for brand owners hoping to better leverage innovation for their business
  • They typical obstacles and issues with delivering good returns from innovation
  • Practical examples and tips for ensuring innovation pays back as it should

…and much more.

Download the key takeaways of our report ⁠here⁠ to awaken the power of innovation today. Or ⁠contact us ⁠to schedule a presentation, where we can provide deeper insights into how innovation could change your business for the better.

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