24 April 2023

Transforming CPG: What can brands do to better serve Gen Z?

The latest Transforming CPG podcast by Sevendots: Insights into Gen Z for brand owners.

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In this episode of Transforming CPG, we examine what brands can do to better serve the needs of Generation Z.

Sevendots Partner Stephen Factor and ⁠The Red Flower Factory⁠‘s Karen Rickers discuss…

  • What makes Gen Z unique as a cohort?
  • What does Gen Z value?
  • How does Gen Z shop, play and engage with each other?
  • How important is advocacy and authenticity to Gen Z?
  • What should a new brand do to appeal to Gen Z?

Discover more from ⁠The Red Flower Factory⁠, who can help educate you on serving the next generation of consumers:

Take a listen to our take on this important topic within the consumer packaged goods industry here:

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