25 February 2015

Brand social responsibility: Seven things to consider

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Note: This is from our old blog and is no longer being updated. It was originally published in 2015.

How to show consumers you take your responsibilities seriously…

Seven things by Sevendots:

  1. Corporations cannot communicate with consumers but brands can. Implement change at brand level to build higher consumer engagement.
  2. Focus on local initiatives to increase relevance for consumers.
  3. Make sustainability a collaborative effort, involving social and digital channels to encourage consumers to join in.
  4. Great BSR programmes have positive and measurable business impact.
  5. Really inspire and engage people in your organisation by delivering against higher ideals.
  6. Explore BSR strategies in other sectors for inspiration – your consumers are the same people!
  7. A strong BSR programme will ground and reinforce your overall CSR strategy.

There is so much opportunity to ‘do’ sustainability – the biggest opportunity is to connect it your brand.

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