Mauro Piloni

Milan, Italy

Mauro brings the perspective of three professional lives: Corporate C-suite, entrepreneur and consultant & advisor. He spent more than 25 years leading global teams in the home appliance business covering all the functions connected to the product and service dimension: strategy, business development, strategic marketing, innovation, research and development, quality, production, customer service. Mauro is an expert in the creation of ecosystem of partnership and open collaboration. He has created four start-ups in the area of the food transformation, food innovation, food retail and carbon accounting with two exit. Consultant & advisor in the area of alternative proteins, artificial intelligence, outdoor and indoor top brand furnitures with green and sustainability declination.

Visionary and acute, with “let’s do it” and “less is more” attitude, Mauro is in love with innovation and in particular new trends, new business models and exponential technologies. Beyond the passion of travels, Mauro loves the macroeconomics and geopolitical topics. An hungry reader, but just in English language.

  • President and CEO - Whirlpool R&D
  • Executive VP Innovation, R&D - Whirlpool Corporation
  • Founder and CEO - Future Food Institute
  • Consultant & Advisor - Novozymes