Case Study

Zarbee’s, Johnson & Johnson

Repositioning Zarbee’s for growth in the natural wellness category

The Business Question

Johnson & Johnson’s Zarbee’s pioneered a natural, evidence-based approach to wellness in the U.S. As the brand expanded beyond children’s cough syrup into other wellness categories and faced new competition, it needed to clearly define how it could accelerate growth while staying relevant and differentiated.

What We Did

Our Output

We provided our client with a clear and actionable definition of the modern Natural Wellness category; a renaming of the core target to better reflect their beliefs and behaviors; a revised brand platform, based on an expansion of the original founder's vision in order to better address the adult market opportunity; as well as revised innovation guardrails to guide new product development.

All in all, by advocating for a 'less is more' approach, the brand gained sharpness and definition by jettisoning the 'all things to all people' elements of its platform in order to highlight its key differentiators. The brand’s focus on efficacy stood out in a category ripe with unsubstantiated claims, and consumers gave Zarbee’s the right to win in this larger, all family arena.

What They Said

“With their in-depth questioning, Sevendots helped us not only identify the strength of our heritage and roots but also forecast where our brand could go in the future. They helped us 'connect the dots' across the organization, weaving multiple points of view to ensure everything from sustainability to anticipated innovation was reflected in our new brand story. Their work with us has become the foundation for how we build the Zarbee’s brand moving forward.”

- Laura Bueno de Greco, Senior Brand Manager at Zarbee's Masterbrand